Cobham Explorer 710

Explorer 710 - POA


EXPLORER 710 - An ultra-portable satellite terminal in the world of BGAN by setting high standards for Size, Speed and Features.

A BGAN terminal to support full High Data Rate on-demand streaming service from Inmarsat. With speeds averaging 650 kbps, the EXPLORER 710 sets high standards of mobile video. Double the speed with Plug & Play bonding; simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates over 1 Mbps.

Satlink Ltd sells NCB hardware (non-contract-binding). This means you don’t have to buy a plan or a contract with a satellite phone bought from us. This is different to most satellite resellers who bind your satellite phone into a contract where you can’t change airtime providers and you are subject airtime price increases.

24 hrs battery standby time / IP52

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