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Satlink Ltd - Company Profile



Satlink Ltd is a Satellite Communication mobile systems provider and integrator covering terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical platforms for both commercial and government customers. Satlink Ltd has provided Global and Regional Satcom services using a selection of trusted satellite operators to provide effective solutions for clients with connectivity requirements for 23 years. Satlink Ltd’s head office is based near Birmingham, UK.



The company originated in Bristol, UK providing mobile (Cell) Telephones, it then diversified into providing mobile satellite data services for Oil and Gas rigs in the North Sea. Since then Satlink has been recognised and rewarded for its competitive nature and providing unique and innovative solutions for demanding government and commercial customers.


Products & Services.

  • Terrestrial - various satellite telephones, VSAT, BGAN, satellite teleport facilities.
  • Maritime - SOLAS, GMDSS, IsatPhone anti-piracy docking stations, VSAT, Global Xpress, Kymeta U7.
  • Aeronautical - BvLOS VTOL UAS ops / manned aircraft C2 & video transmission via satellite, Cabin & Cockpit connectivity via satellite (Live, HD (1080p), fully encrypted (AES256), MPLS circuit switched).

Satlink HawkEye H264 encoder for Aeronautical video transmission. (legacy product)


The nature of our business requires our equipment to operate consistently coping with gale force weather conditions, remote locations without a power source and above highly contested war zones conducting classified ISR missions.


Team & Location

Our highly focussed team consists of experienced satcom systems experts, ex-military integration and network specialist engineers (RAF/ UKSF), Accounts and billing specialists, ground segment network professionals. We are a quick reaction team working in various locations able to work in the field or remotely.


Customers & Clients

 Our customers and clients include; GCHQ, MOD, UKSF, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Old War Office, Ghanaian Air Force, BBC Natural History Channel, British Antarctic Survey, GMTV, KBR, SOCA, Al Jazeera, various NGOs, TAQA, West African Tug Boat Services, a selection of high value super yachts (100 meters + in length).



As an independent satcom reseller - we have a vast portfolio of separate satellite networks that we can offer our customers as packages. These networks consist of frequencies ranging from C-band, L-band, X-Band, Ku-band, Ka-band and MilKa-band. Being network independent allows us to adopt what network to utilise and subsequently what continent and in some cases, what country to land data returning from the satellite in.