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We at Satlink Ltd understand our clients' requirements when it comes to connecting the aircraft. Our experience ranges from large, manned, special mission aircraft to 4m wingspan, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; this experience teaches us that there is no one "off-the-shelf" solution to aero connectivity requirements.

Satlink specialises in delivering suitable and cost effective bandwidth to small airframes using low SWaP, certified & trusted equipment. While maintaining beyond visual line of sight (BvLOS) connectivity to Unmanned aircraft is the priority, we also understand that there are budgetary constraints for UAV missions which is why we are working hard developing systems that reduce Satcom transmission costs like the Chopper Switch.

Chopper Switch;


  • Reduce Weight & Cost of BvLOS connectivity.
  • Triple Redundant Data transmission.
  • Reduced SWaP for light aircraft / UAV ops.
  • Portable


Portable SatCom, LTE & Downlink transmission system using H265 video codec technology and a Cisco router integrated into one roll-on / roll-off PELI case.


Chopper Switch

We have identified a common inhibitor for our prospects who speak to us regarding integrating SatCom connectivity into their UAVs / Drones - the operational cost SatCom transmission. 

We have engineered a concept system to counteract this high cost of Aeronautical Satellite Communication - The Chopper Switch.

The Chopper Switch is a Roll on / Roll off system that seamlessly directs aircraft traffic between LTE, Line of Sight Downlink and BvLOS SatCom. 


  • PPoE
  • Roll on / Roll Off 
  • <5Kg

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