Chopper Switch


  • Reduce Weight & Cost of BvLOS connectivity.
  • Triple Redundant Data transmission.
  • Reduced SWaP for light aircraft / UAV ops.
  • Portable


Portable SatCom, LTE & Downlink transmission system using H265 video codec technology and a Cisco router integrated into one roll-on / roll-off PELI case.


Chopper Switch

We have identified a common inhibitor for our prospects who speak to us regarding integrating SatCom connectivity into their UAVs / Drones - the operational cost SatCom transmission. 

We have engineered a concept system to counteract this high cost of Aeronautical Satellite Communication - The Chopper Switch.

The Chopper Switch is a Roll on / Roll off system that seamlessly directs aircraft traffic between LTE, Line of Sight Downlink and BvLOS SatCom. 


  • PPoE
  • Roll on / Roll Off 
  • <5Kg