Cobham Explorer 510
Cobham Explorer 510
Cobham Explorer 510

Explorer 510 - POA


EXPLORER 510 - A rugged BGAN fit for purpose The EXPLORER 510 is the smallest ever EXPLORER BGAN and the ideal combination of Performance and Portability. The durable magnesium casing and a dust and water resistant design makes the EXPLORER 510 the perfect choice when working off the beaten track, but still dependant on a reliable connection.

Portable performance - Smaller than a standard laptop and weighing less than 1.4 kg, this satellite terminal is easy to carry along when travelling the world. It supports your need for performance and provides simultaneous high quality voice and broadband access at speeds up to 464 kbps.

Satlink Ltd sells NCB hardware (non-contract-binding). This means you don’t have to buy a plan or a contract with a satellite phone bought from us. This is different to most satellite resellers who bind your satellite phone into a contract where you can’t change airtime providers and you are subject airtime price increases.

Minimum 3 hrs talk time / 24hrs standby time. IP66 Compliant.

Operating instructions;

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