VSAT Maritime Satellite Solutions

Times have changed. Satellites can now link up any ship in any ocean to any port. A ship can become a mobile business centre even when isolated thousands of miles from head office.

Satlink Ltd offers internet, e-mail, phone, fax, video streaming and distance learning through fixed subscriptions. Seamless switching provides global coverage – wherever you are at sea.

Why move to satellite?

    • Create an office at sea
    • Save time with one platform for all applications
    • Look after your crew

Technology partners

Whether you sail regional or international routes, you benefit from several overlapping satellites. Fully automatic seamless switching will be provided from one satellite to another.

Our teleport has developed new communication solutions with the two biggest players within the satellite technology sector. iDirect is a market leader because of its shared technology and therefore provides quality satellite communications at the most affordable price. Comtech Vipersat is known for its constant innovation. For the maritime market, Comtech has developed revolutionary and unique applications. One of these is fully automated switching from one satellite to another.

Our VSAT Maritime Satellite Solution includes:

  • Hardware
  • Customisable bandwidth at an affordable price via our VSAT teleport facility.
  • Global coverage

How does it work?

The solutions offered are on two different platforms, both developed in house: SpaceWeb-iDirect(DVB-S2 ACM) and FlexIP-Vipersat(SCPC). Our platforms are supported and monitored 24-7 by the Network Operations Centre so direct verbal assistance is provided. SpaceWeb is the ideal solution for companies wanting high quality at an economical price. The best platform for your ”economical” request is the SpaceWeb platform using iDirect latest proven technology for ”pooled” bandwidth or alternatively the FlexIp platform using state of the art comprehensive “belt and braces” Comtech Vipersat SCPC technology-for your OWN bandwidth.

Installation procedures

For each separate location a certified engineer will be send to do the installation. Apart from the hardware to be installed, there is a possibility extra installation material is needed according to the site survey. Please note that the customer has to take care of the pole to install the antenna on. The site survey will be provided separately. For maintenance on broken parts with warranty a RMA procedure is valid. All broken parts need to come back before replacements are sent.

Service and support

There is a 24/7 basic support. We make a distinction between regular support hours and the provision of support during off-working hours.

Further information

  • To discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch.
Tel: +44 (0) 1562 88 55 22