Nera WorldSet Pro

Nera WorldSet Pro

Handset for satellite terminals

This ISDN handset enhances the experience for Inmarsat satellite communications users on land and at sea with high quality voice and advanced features known from traditional mobile phones.

Quick overview

  • Voice
  • Text messaging
  • Hands free operation
  • BGAN terminal configuration
  • Features
  • Optimised for satellite users

The loudspeaker option for hands free operation is particularly useful for maritime environments and provisional camps on land. The handset also features a line out interface to connect to standard headsets, external loudspeakers and recording equipment. Similarly, the microphone output allows the Nera WorldSet Pro to be used with dynamic microphones.

Integrated BGAN functionality – no need for PC

In addition to address list, call logs, and all the functions of a standard ISDN handset, the Nera WorldSet Pro allows BGAN users to read and write text messages. Indicators show satellite signal strength and battery status. A Nera BGAN terminal can also be configured and controlled directly from the handset, so you can use your BGAN terminal for voice and SMS without a computer.

The handset can be used with Inmarsat Fleet, GAN and BGAN terminals.

For more information on the Nera WorldSet Pro or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch.

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