Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700

Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700

Broadband communications under any conditions

EXPLORER™ 700 is an essential evolution in satellite communications for governments, broadcasters and other organisations dependent on relaying information fast under any condition.

EXPLORER™ 700 is for the true heavy-user of top-level logistics and media applications. The outstanding specifications of EXPLORER™ 700 provide you with access to the highest bandwidth available on the BGAN network – up to 492 kbps.

With its specially designed antenna and environmental protection, the system is equally effective as a single or multi-user terminal, offering purposeful functionality.

EXPLORER™ 700 gives you access to

  • internet
  • email
  • fax
  • voice calls
  • video conferencing and streaming
  • corporate servers
  • and more

The basic system

The basic system consists of a detachable lightweight antenna, 10 metre cable and transceiver with integral stand.


  • Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
  • Full duplex, single or multi-user, up to 492 kbps
  • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps
  • Seamless global coverage
  • Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax ports
  • Integral DHCP/NAT wireless router
  • ISDN compatibility
  • Built-in web server so you can manage your phone book, messages and calls, and customise the terminal to your specific needs
  • Solar panel direct interface
  • Detachable lightweight antenna with integral transceiver stand and transceiver-to-antenna range in excess of 70m/230ft
  • Compact portable unit, sturdy and reliable construction
  • Humidity, dust, weather and temperature-resistant design
  • Rapid deployment and takedown

For more information on EXPLORER™ 700 or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch.

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