Hawkeye Live Video

Hawkeye H.I.R.S.T. low bandwidth live video transmission

Hawkeye H.I.R.S.T. (Hawkeye Ip Remote Surveillance Terminal): the ultimate new codec for economical low bandwidth live video transmission

Hawkeye is not Mpeg 4, does not use H264 compression but uses its own superior unique algorithm to produce groundbreaking quality live video transmission at speeds as low as 4Kbps! At 512Kbps Hawkeye simply needs to work less hard for superb quality live definition.

Deploy it with Inmarsat, Thuraya IP, portable VSAT or even 3G or GPRS at 50Kbps and your broadcast network receives your live video transmission from the latest low bandwidth codec technology available in 2009.

Network Architecture

Satlink HAWKEYE Network Architecture

A global remote surveillance solution for fixed or mobile assets

We have specifically designed Hawkeye to meet the exacting requirements of our customers. Predominately used throughout local authorities, law enforcement, airborne platforms and transportation markets, this small, low power unit allows you to consistently view the highest quality real time video, regardless of bandwidth available. Its unparalleled performance and reliability provides you with the best real time video solutions available.


Methods of transmission

Using the inbuilt wireless modem, the image quality remains high on Hawkeye regardless of which network you choose including:

  • Access to all cellular networks including GPRS, 3G, HSDPA, Edge and CDMA networks
  • Satellite networks
  • IP radios
  • The Internet using ADSL
  • Reliability and intelligence security can be guaranteed when data is streamed via Satlink’s VSAT teleport facility.

Features and benefits

  • Small, light, portable and flexible – use it in remote and difficult to reach locations anywhere, anytime
  • Lowest latency available over low bandwidths
  • Low power requirement of less than 6 watts (0.1 watt when on standby) – batteries last much longer
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • True real time video over narrow bandwidths
  • Multiple viewers in different locations can view live streams at the same time
  • Cameras can be controlled by users remotely
  • Can operate in temperatures ranging between –32 up to 60° degrees
  • Rapid set up and deployment, avoiding the usual delays of fixed line communications
  • Supports two way audio
  • Can be configured to meet your own specific needs
  • Archiving for evidential purposes available as an additional feature

Further information

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