VSAT Teleport Facilities

Lawford Heath Teleport, Satlink's VSAT teleport facility

VSAT teleports are hub gateways for VoIP and internet access worldwide. They give users the equivalent of broadband data download speeds – around 1-2 Mbits per second.

Satlink Ltd’s teleport facilities are at Lawford Heath Teleport, Lawford Heath Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 9EV.

VSAT teleport location

Lawford Heath is approx 3km north of Rugby, 13km east of Rugby. Birmingham city centre is 40km to the west. The teleport is therefore close to Birmingham International Airport, mainline train stations in Rugby,Coventry and Birmingham International, and within a few miles of the M1, M6, M40 and M45 motorways.

VSAT teleport site details

6 acres of architect designed landscaped garden. Main office building includes conference suites, accommodation and control centre in the converted ex military bunker.

VSAT teleport security

A more remote rural location with full security provision, including chain link fence, CCTV and intruder systems. Within the perimeter the facility is self-sufficient with dual back up Rolls Royce generators and fuel storage.

VSAT teleport facilities

Highly qualified and experienced staff members are on site day and night – all dedicated to customer services.


  • SCPC-Single Channel Per Carrier using Comtech Vipersat Technology enables flexible bandwidth demand on your own dedicated satellite link. Using Ku band (1.2m + antennas) become remote extensions to your Wide Area Network. 1.8m C band static antennas overcome interference from arduous weather conditions and enable higher bandwidth throughput. Online monitoring allows real time access to information/graphics from urban or remote areas.
  • DVB S2 ACM- latest generation IP broadcast with up to 40% more efficiency than previous platforms. A more economical shared technology allowing you to choose your contention ratios (throughput) – be it 10:1, 5:1, 2:1, or 1:1 users. The remote equipment is more economically priced and is quickly available “off the shelf” for rapid deployment, in “star”, “meshed” or point to point configurations. C band antennas for static locations enable higher bandwidth throughput in Monsoon type environments. On line monitoring allows real time access to information/graphics from urban or remote areas.

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